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05 Jun 2024

George Carlo Sports Performance Coach

George Carlos-Jim Leyland-Secrets of Champions Foundation
Geroge Carlo & Jim Leyland

George Carlo is a Sports Performance Coach revered for his work in athletic mind-body performance and training. He has worked with an array of athletes, both professional and collegiate, including the Detroit Tigers and the University of Buffalo.

Human Performance

No matter the sport nor the team, one concept reigns supreme: individual performance is key.

For nearly four decades, George Carlo has studied and implemented excellence-centric techniques in the realm of athletic performance. Focusing directly on the connection between mind and body, Carlo’s approaches are unique in that his training is as holistic as it is direct.  More than just an expert in sports, the core of Carlo’s expertise is rooted in the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Through careful analysis of real life athletic performance, Carlo has been able to identify the parameters that predict sustained excellence. Scientific in approach, all of the esteemed Sports Performance Coach’s developed techniques are data driven and derived.

Sports Performance Industry

Although George Carlo has implemented his techniques and approaches across various fields, he has fine-tuned his focus in the Sports Performance Industry over the years. Carlo’s brand of Sports Performance Coaching has been employed and implemented by a diverse range of distinguished athletic institutions over the years. He has partnered with and trained athletes both at the collegiate and professional levels. The Sports Performance Coach has worked with some of the most talented athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA and USTA. Carlo’s ability to translate his sports performance training to meet the needs of virtually all sports is exemplary of the scientific nature of his emphasis on the mind and body connection.

Career Highlights & Athletic Organization Affiliations

Throughout his career, George Carlo has had the opportunity to work with a plethora of dedicated athletes. While working with the George Washington University basketball team, Carlo developed a unique framework which assisted him in identifying certain parameters that could predict an athlete’s sustained performance excellence.  Very much data-developed, Carlo’s produced conclusions have proven repeatable, as well as transferable across sports. At the start of the new millennium, in 2001, the Sports Performance Coach translated said parameters into techniques introduced to golfers on the PGA tour. This led to Carlo representing the PGA tour as an Advisor as well as the development of the Golf Life Foundation.

In 2004, George Carlo joined forces with the Detroit Tigers when he was asked to consult the team’s pitchers.  Initially, the goal was for Carlo to assist the pitchers in developing their target accuracy. However, when his work was championed by Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski, Carlo was retained to represent the team as Medical Advisor. By his second year with the Tigers, his Sports Performance Coaching shifted focus from exclusively benefitting the pitchers to training the entire program. Remaining in the sport of baseball, Carlo has also previously partnered with the Jamestown Jammers, a summer collegiate team of the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League. All the while, Carlo worked independently as a consultant to individual athletes in the NHL, NFL and NBA.

Now, in tandem with his Sports Performance Coaching and nonprofit work with the Secrets of Champions Foundation, George Carlo continues to teach his techniques to the masses through the publication of articles and books focused on his findings.