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12 Feb 2022


Ken Green, George Carlo & Peter Kostis
Ken Green, George Carlo & Peter Kostis

George Carlo is a respected Sports Performance Coach known for his work regarding the mind-body connection in human performance training. Carlo has produced an array of publications on his findings, including Secrets of Champions: The Science of Sustained Excellence.

Present Professional Affiliations

George Carlo currently represents the Longwood University College of Education and Human Services as a Visiting Professor, a role he has maintained since 2016.  Esteemed for his research and written works, Carlo currently stands as Associate Editor of multidisciplinary, open-access journal, Frontiers in Public Health. Carlo also represents Secrets of Champions Foundation and Secrets of Champions, Ltd. as Chairman.  

Sports Performance Coach

An esteemed Sports Performance Coach, George Carlo is revered for his techniques, which are both research derived and driven. His approach to coaching has earned him quite the reputation in the sports realm. Carlo has worked with some of the most exceptional athletes, both as an independent consultant and an advisor to numerous organizations. The Sports Performance Coach has had the opportunity to introduce his techniques and approaches to athletes in the NHL, NFL, MLB, USTA and PGA. In 2016, George worked directly with the Buffalo Bills as a performance coach. He has also worked with college athletic programs, including the George Washington University men’s basketball team.

Founder of Golf Life Institute

In 2001, while working with athletes on the PGA tour, George Carlo co-founded the Golf Life Institute along with Dr. Sean Woods and a team of other esteemed golf and health professionals. Through a collaboration of medical, scientific, and clinical research, the team was able to develop a program called the Golf Life System™. This program became available to golfers in the fall of 2003, creating a pathway to peak performance levels while avoiding injury through a comprehensive clinical evaluation of:

  • Body Conditioning
  • Psychological and Motivational Profiles
  • Diet and Nutrition Patterns
  • Golf Skill Level

Carlo’s work with the Golf Life Institute would later inspire some of the guiding principles for the Secrets of Champions Foundation.

Founder of Secrets of Champions Foundation

For George Carlo, the teaching of performance is about far more than athleticism alone. After decades of working directly with collegiate and professional athletes, the Sports Performance Coach founded the Secrets of Champions Foundation in an attempt to bring the scope of his work beyond the sports of golf and baseball. Now, as CEO & Chairman of the nonprofit, Carlo and his team of fellow coaches are working diligently to empower young athletes. Often working with children in underserved communities, Secrets of Champions is about more than just sports — it’s about providing young people with the tools they need to succeed in terms of character development, health and overall well-being. True to his all-encompassing approaches, the reach of Carlo’s Secrets of Champions Foundation stretches far beyond athleticism. The Foundation also works diligently to enhance their participants’ overall quality of life by enhancing their health, performance and leadership capacity.