WNDR Alpine is confidently shredding into their second year of building unique backcountry skis. The Salt Lake City based ski maker explains it’s all about their not-so-secret ingredient: microalgae. Sports Performance Coach, George Carlo discusses the interesting approach:

In Salt Lake City, ski builders, WNDR Alpine are shaking up the ski-making game in an environmentally-friendly and performance-improving way.  The secret, they explain, is in their substitution of microalgae oil in place of petroleum, which is housed in the plastic core and sidewalls of their skis.  This unique substitution is said to improve performance due to the effective weight difference between the microalgae and traditional petroleum oil.

WNDR Alpine initially launched their microalgae-embedded skis just one year ago.  With the project largely in its infancy, only time will tell how much the design will truly improve performance for skiers out on the slopes.