As an athlete, you dedicate a lot of time to your sport. At some point in every athlete’s career, there are times when you face hurdles that feel overwhelming. That’s where a sports performance coach can help you. Read this guide to learn the 4 signs you may need to hire a sports performance coach.

1. You Need Personalized Coaching

Team coaches often focus on coaching the group as a whole, rather than giving each player personalized attention. This is important for the group, but sometimes you need something more.

A sports performance coach can offer you tailored, one-on-one guidance. They will work with you to set and achieve your own unique goals as an athlete.

2. You Want a Holistic Approach

Traditional coaches mostly focus on the physical aspects of training. However, being a successful athlete is about more than that. A sports performance coach takes a more holistic approach. They can help you with nutrition, developing your mindset, and refining your unique skill set. All of these aspects are taken into account.

3. You Struggle in High-Pressure Situations

In high-pressure situations, it’s not just your physical abilities that matter. Your state of mind is just as crucial, no matter what sport you play. If you struggle with performance anxiety, nervousness, and self-doubt, a sports performance coach can help you with all of this.

They can help you overcome mental obstacles, stay focused, be more confident, and develop resilience.

4. You Want Career Advice

Trying to navigate your athletic career on your own can be overwhelming. A sports performance coach doesn’t just guide you on the field, but off of it as well. They will work with you to develop a plan for your career path. With personalized guidance, they will help you set and achieve your career goals. 


A sports performance coach can mean all the difference in your athletic career. If any of these signs resonate with you, it might be time to consider hiring a sports performance coach to take your abilities to the next level.